Our Story

Deftment was launched in October, 2014 by Nicholas Huggins and Kevin Ross. Our vision has always stayed the same, to provide high quality tees that are suited to a Caribbean lifestyle. This means they have to be stylish, versatile and durable; with the ability to transition from the beach, to a session at the gym, to an all-inclusive fete with ease.

The Caribbean is full of skilled individuals ranging from artists, musicians, chefs, DJ's, fashion designers; and these are the people who we have detailed as our ideal customer. Our brand has to reflect this culture, and this passionate bunch. Inspired by the incredibly diverse people and talents on our islands of Trinidad and Tobago, we aim to build our brand to be a reflection of that.

That’s why we named our t-shirt line, “Deftment”, a mixture of the words, Deft, which means skilful, and movement. We set out to be a lifestyle brand for the passionate, by the passionate.

Be Deft!


Co-Founders Nick & Kevin

Co-Founders Nick & Kevin