Q: What does "Deftment" mean?

A: The name is a portmanteau of the words DEFT, which means skilled, and moveMENT. DEFTMENT is a “skilled movement.” 

Q: What's the quality of your T-Shirts like?

A: All of our tees come are imported from the USA and are of the highest quality. They are then printed in Trinidad at the DEFTMENT HQ. 


Q: How can I get my hands on one?

A: Visit one of our Pop-Up-Shops, our next one is April 29th. We are still working on setting up online shopping; so as of right now, you can hit us up on the Deftment page on Facebook or Instagram, or visit the contact us page and we will get you sorted. 


Q: Do you accept designs from other designers?

A: No we do not. All of our designs are done in house by Deftment.